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House of Erydia

When Latrice Foster somehow loses her well paying job and her well thought out nuptials are cast aside, she meets Kaylandria, a strange mystical woman claiming to be the Guardian of the Earth.

Meet Kaylandria,

Guardian of the Earth

Trapped within the forbidden boundary of the Perimeter, Kaylandria is desperately trying to get back another Earth along another space-time continuum.


Latrice & Rick

Why can't two people who love each other tell each other why they need each other? What held each one of them back?

The Podcast of “The Great Departure”

I enjoyed writing this book… so much so that I decided to share.

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Sample a few chapters and get introduced to the characters in this installment of “The Great Departure”.

Chapter 4

At that very moment, in another place that would appear very familiar, a stasis chamber has been kept at the necessary temperature for close to four and a half billion years, until now.  His mouth and eyes may as well be glued shut.  He’s a motionless person of beautiful color and interesting outer features.  His body temperature begins to go up.  This function of the apparatus has not come on in a very long time.  Originally programed and designed to accommodate the change in body growth, the incredibly well designed stasis chamber is now about six feet in length and about three feet wide.  It’s been purposely tilted at a forty five degree angle.

The conduits that run into his chamber run directly into the floor itself, into the simple but complex wiring of the basement, and eventually down into the ground.  All of the nourishment that he’s ever needed has come directly from sources natural to this place.  But he’s eaten nothing.  Instead, his appetite has been satisfied in part through his acute sense of smell.  All of the necessary nutrients have gone to areas of the body where they needed to go.  Asani had no say in this, but his eyes struggle as they begin to peel open.  But it’s so incredibly difficult.  So much unrecorded time has passed since Asani has seen the light of day.  And even then, he was only an infant.  His memory is filled with images but with no real way of sorting through them, or for him to have the benefit to say, “Oh that’s when this happened, and oh yeah, that’s when that happened.”

In the dimness of his isolation, he gets out of his chamber and falls out as he tried to use his butt to leverage his weight against the chamber.  But between the dryness of his skin, the smoothness and angle of the chamber, Asani slides his way into a very clumsy and hurtful fall.  It’s hard enough for him to breathe as it is.  And now he finds himself kissing the jaggedness of a dull walnut hard wood floor that needs some serious repair.  Someone hasn’t given any care to this room in a very long time.

Asani doesn’t know what to look at, what to feel. He’s so confused and disoriented.  His feet are bleeding a little, he hasn’t found his balance, and he’s picking splinters out of his hand.  Yet, he’s up walking.  But the trip to the room’s corner is as far as it’s able to go.  And he stoops down in the corner to catch his breath.  He thinks, “What’s wrong with me?”

It is so absolutely unfair in terms of how he’s feeling right now.   He feels mad, confused, cold, and alone.  And now that his other senses are active, his sense of smell can rest now.  His sense of taste is now curious.

He shakes his head and just concentrates on what’s in front of him.  Asani stands nude at the door of the room.  He now peeps his head into an even darker hallway.  If it weren’t for the light piercing through the window up ahead in a sitting room, Asani would not be able to see.

He is in a very traditional style single story ranch style home, something found in an obscure part of Arizona or Utah, like Monument Valley.

Chapter 3

Taking time off for a doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning never feels one hundred percent comfortable, no matter who you are.  Latrice Foster works at a lobbying firm whose main special interest is putting an end to space exploration.

As she nervously meanders her way through traffic from Ward’s Corner, she gets to the light and sees that she has an email on her phone, “Hi Latrice.  Good morning. Could you come into my office please? Thanks.”

That typical feeling of insecurity, “What the hell is about to go down?” befalls Latrice.

At 9:33, Latrice is pulling the cold sturdy glass door open to the office and walking at a semi-brisk pace.  She starts to walk toward her own office, but Susan sees her from 40 feet away and stops her.  “No. No.  This way.”

Latrice’s inner thoughts run wild but she wrangles them in.  “You got this girl.  Just remember that.”

Latrice walks confidently down the hallway and turns right into Susan Jaffe’s office, Latrice’s Vice President of Operations who she reports directly in to.

“Latrice close the door. And have a seat.  I’m just sending my daughter a text ‘I am… going to be home… early… right after… this… meeting.’”.

But what Susan was really doing was sending her assistant a text, telling her, “Please peak your head in my office and end this meeting in fifteen minutes.”

Making sure that her bangs stay out of her eyes and with a big apple lodged into her mouth, the assistant, Lucy, responds,“k.”

Susan smiles and takes a quick breath, “So, Latrice how are you?”

Latrice is trying to sit on her nerves, but she knows exactly what’s going on.  “I just came from the doctor and I’m just dealing with a lot right now.”

Susan’s face lights up. “Oh, that’s right.  You checked on the baby!  What’s going on with that?”

Latrice responds, “We had a miscarriage.”

Susan is so embarrassed.  “Oh my goodness.  It just happened?”

Latrice kind of quietly responds, “Yeah, that’s why I took off and you’ve been kind of seeing me off and on pretty much for the last two weeks.”

Susan adds, “Well, would you like to talk about it?  I know the perfect fertility specialist, and she’s right here off Granby.”

Latrice interjects, “I think I’d like to keep this… yeah… I’d like to get back to work.  I’m actually still way ahead of schedule for Tuesday’s campaign launch, and I could probably help Tim with his solicitation.”

Susan reaches over to the other side of her desk for a folder. “Well, your contribution is exactly what I wanted to speak with you on.  I want to commend you on all that you’ve done.  I think that me, you, Tim and everyone is in a good space on everything.  The reason that I asked you to come in might be divine order.”

Latrice is thinking, “I really cannot stand when you put your god into the mix of our conversations.”

Susan continues, “Things have a way of aligning themselves at the right moment.  Now that our project load is… has leveled out somewhat, we’re doing some creative grouping in order to streamline our workflow efforts a little better.  It’s funny you should bring up Tim.”

Latrice interjects, “I didn’t mention Tim.  Oh, right, Tim.”

Susan cuts back over Latrice, “We’re collapsing your position onto his.”

This is the deadest pocket of silence that has ever attached itself to Latrice.  And it’s like the entire weight of the last two weeks are just hanging on the bottom of her jaw, as she searches for the right way to handle this.

But instead, she was quickly forced to reflect back on the news that Dr. Vincent just shared around two weeks ago, “I am so extremely sorry.  But your body has rejected the pregnancy.”

But Susan is in her office, with her elbows on the desk, legs crossed, one foot twirling because she’s looking for the right words to say.  “We’ve reached the end.”

It’s almost like Dr. Vincent and Susan were in on this together, and they bounced ideas off each other on how each should break the bad news to Latrice, all over drinks at a discreet dark lounge filled with cigar smoke as they sit on very manly tufted leather sofas.  The 73 year old piano player would inspire all kinds of nifty thoughts on approaches for them both.  And their night might have ended with Dr. Vincent and Susan stumbling across the street toward the parking garage attached to the Marriott.

Latrice is stunned and slips off into some other space in her mind.  Dr. Vincent penetrates her thoughts and says in a nice calm pacifying voice, “Just get your belongings and get out.”

But in reality, Susan is slowly waving her hand about a foot from Latrice’s face, “Latrice, are you okay?”

Latrice’s line of sight isn’t the most direct.  She takes a breath and tries to compose herself.  “Well, I was under the impression that you and I were going to meet today at two to discuss, excuse me, present to you the ideas for a spokesperson.”

Susan is intrigued.  “Have you already started speaking with someone?  I told you that we have a vetting process that we have to do before we speak to everyone.”

“You know, I never understood your process.”

“You could get into big trouble if protocol isn’t followed.”

“We’re a new firm and you know that we make up rules as we go around here.”

Latrice and Susan have a tendency to play tit for tat when it comes to name dropping.  One knows just as many people in D.C. as the other.

Susan was connected to the Vice President of the United States, who just so happens to be rivals to Senator Ron Jacobs because of their stances on the new issue of ending the space program.  This was a new issue all together.  Who in the world was unhappy with the space program?  Well on the Hill, whoever is in charge or desired to be in charge, had to come up with their own set of initiatives.  And those initiatives should in some way be reflective of those in the highest elected office.

In this case, Senator Jacobs had aspirations of becoming Senate Majority Leader by the next election.  And Senator Jacobs needed the Vice President’s endorsement in key battle ground states, since he himself was favored to become the next President.

It’s not that Senator Jacobs disliked the space program, just the opposite.  His track record in the space program made him the most qualified to begin to dismantle it.

Why would he utilize his influence to do so?  Simple, to attract and acquire more influence.  In order for this to all work, this government funded space initiative would have come to a halt and retool it for the preservation of the environment.

All of this would now place Susan and Latrice at odds with one another.  Susan was placed in charge by the Vice President, and Latrice was placed by Senator Jacobs as the number two in charge.

This shouldn’t be any surprise to Latrice.  But in light of the devastating loss of her pregnancy that she just experienced, another loss was just too much to handle.  She was craving stability and peace.

Susan and Latrice stare at each other for a split second.  Latrice sees her mother saying to her as a child while riding in the car on a cold morning, “Don’t ever think about becoming a mother.”

Susan isn’t moved one way or the other. “Yeah, the point of the matter is, a decision has been made.”  Susan opens the folder and hands Latrice a pamphlet for collecting unemployment benefits.

She continues, “This was a hard decision to make, but look at it this way.  Your benefits will provide your health coverage at your same deductible for the next 24 months.  That’s damn good.”

Latrice tries doing quick math in her head.

Susan continues, “And trust me, I know how hard it is to start a family.  And I know that’s what you want.  There are all kinds of options out there.  Have you ever considered adopting?”

Latrice is thinking, “This nagging woman has one more time to patronize me.”

The gravity of that sunken feeling of her loss was taking the wind out of Latrice second by second, but she was doing well in front of Susan, all things considering.  “I’ve been operating within the bounds of my contract.  And I’ve been very open and candid.  When I had my surgery…”

Susan interjects, “Hasn’t this been going on for the last four and a half years?”

Latrice wants to say something but now feels the certainty of Susan’s abuse.  “Check her!”  “Who the hell do you think you are giving me advice about my body?  This is my body, thank you.”

And Latrice watches Susan just sit there with her thin bologna lips, nervously batting the vapors of her truth from her cheap mascara filled lashes.  There is definitely some nervous energy that is building up in Susan’s body.  She understands that the rage of this provoked Black woman is ready to spill.  But Latrice now keeps her cool, pulling all of her inner thoughts back.

Nervous and cautious, Susan decides to continue on the offense.

“These are sensitive women issues and I understand.  But sometimes the best thing is to just allow the universe to take over and have its way.  When things are happening like they are in your life, you just have to surrender…”

It’s been exactly thirteen minutes and Lucy, Susan’s assistant, pops her head into the office.  “It’s almost time for your 10 A.M. appointment.”

Susan turns her head and smiles, “Thank you Lucy.”  She then picks up an envelope, stands up and walks toward the door, a nonverbal gesture that says, “Latrice get your ass out that seat and come on.”

Susan then says, “So here is your last check.  Don’t go back to your desk.  Your things were packed up and sent to your home this morning.”

Latrice exchanges her swipe badge for her paycheck.  It all felt so cruel and unfair.  Knots in Latrice’s stomach produced so much saliva in her mouth that she was swallowing it every ten seconds.

After Latrice leaves Susan’s office, Susan then closes her door and plops down in her seat.

She takes a deep breath as she makes a phone call to a cell phone.  It rings a couple of times.  And she says, “It’s done.  She’s gone.”

A male voice says, “Good job.  Latrice will be fine.  But we had to loosen up some of the funds here for some possible extra campaign spending.  Now when the election is over, I am going to recommend to the President, once he gets in office, for you to become the Energy Secretary.”

Susan says, “Thank you Senator.”

They hang up.  Senator Ron Jacobs was just coming in from the golf course and now preparing to shower up.  As he wraps his towel around himself, he thinks, “Latrice’ll be fine.”

He had a plan for her husband Rick, one that would ensure Latrice’s security, as well as his own.

Chapter 2

On the other side of the Perimeter along another time line continuum, One who sees and understands everything must send one who just might be ready to see another who was distraught over her loss.  Nothing like this has ever been done before, not in this universe or any other that has been created since.  There was no contemplation necessary, for the almighty Creator understood more than others.  But He knows that all outcomes must be at liberty to play out, even in His most remote place amongst every universe.

The time had certainly and finally arrived for an incredible meeting to take place.  In the most undisclosed location of this universe, a discussion needed to happen in order for parties to exchange information.  Invited, are two opposing sides and one Mediator who definitely stood for the cause of good.  But He in His infinite wisdom understood like no other that some evil was still indeed necessary.  “Good and evil would exist no matter what the circumstances were.”

One was on the side of justice and two were for the side of evil.  The time had come to have a special meeting between those who had a stake in the affairs of this universe.  Typically, this would not happen because one side would not want to reveal their hand to the other, especially in the unresolved matter of the missing Yeswe’.  But both sides trusted the Creator to keep His word that He would be fair, though He was surely for the side of good.  Kaylandria, who had been saved recently by the Creator Himself, had to trust fighting along for her cause of good while taking on the task of remaining neutral.

The Spirit Rhaija asks, “Did Kaylandria truly learn her lesson for stepping into the Perimeter?”

As if this tormenting Spirit was truly interested in Kaylandria’s care and protection.  But the Creator knew the depths of Kaylandria’s heart. Even though she never articulated her longing for more evidence regarding a personal epic loss, the Creator took on the weight of that anguish.

To think that the scores of millennia in which Kaylandria has served the Creator since release, no one else could have waited, and not complained, nor verbally expressed, while continuing to help others from other worlds, and have accepted that her unique but still privileged life was going to be just a little different from others.

And though this Creator knew that this was His perfect will, He was not without compassion or a sense of knowing how Kaylandria truly felt.  He wept silently knowing how she chose to deal with her heart’s earnest desire.  For that pain of being disconnected from her original source had been suppressed so deeply that only He knew that it existed. The reward for trusting Him for over four billion years was about to be bestowed.

But before Kaylandria departed, she is first shown who she is, and to whom she belonged.  And she is told by the Creator never to reveal that knowledge, for that was information that any Earth-being could not process.

Kaylandria was clear that she was now being allowed to return in her present state to the alternative universe where she had originated, at the time in which she departed from the Earth, something that she has been trying to do for an eternity.

Through the heavily monitored Perimeter, Kaylandria rejoices as she is set free by the Creator to go back into her own universe.  She is being sent on her way to have just a few more moments than she did previously.  This was the happiest moment in Kaylandria’s most unusual life.

But elsewhere in the universe, today is the worst day imaginable for Rick and Latrice.

Chapter 1

A King stands upon his favorite fertile plateau where the ground is a unique mixture of clay and red soil that breathes fresh new energetic life.  A cool breeze of wind pushes against his hairy bare muscular thigh from an easterly direction.  He finds himself looking out upon a vast rich green fertile kingdom which lies far below.  With all that has been given to him through divine order, this particular King stands with a decision that must be made.  He thinks to himself, “How did it come to this?  Creator beyond the here and now, please give me the wisdom, the power, and the strength to do that which must be done.”

Four and a half billion years later, a woman awakens from a most strange anesthetic at Norfolk General.  She comes to in what feels like was only a few short seconds that had passed.  But it’s been more like six hours.  That was the required time quoted to Latrice Foster by her fertility specialist, Dr. Marla Vincent.  “Latrice, how are you dear?”

Latrice had nothing to say, but it felt like she was just socked in the jaw but her entire body was feeling woozy and sluggish.  Her head was throbbing and her body moved as if it were going through vegetable oil.

Latrice had made arrangements to have a car take her home after this fertility treatment, but just as she is being wheel chaired out onto the welcome carpet, her husband Rick pulls up in his white 66’ Mercury Cougar.  The abrupt screeching sounds of his stop does nothing but aggravate Latrice’s monumental headache.

Annoyed, Rick gets out of the car and signals for the driver of the black Escalade to just move on.  The driver just shakes his head and skirts off.  None of this is how Latrice wanted this to go.  Rick says to the nurse, “Hi, I can take it from here.”  The nurse backs up a little because Rick is clearly not even in the mood to be confronted, questioned, or for any parting instructions.  He helps Latrice into the passenger seat of the car.  He makes sure that her limp body is in and quickly closing the door, again not having any sympathy for her current fragile state.

He darts around the back of the car and just shakes his head.  The nurse watches to make sure that his patient is okay.  He doesn’t have a choice.

Rick gets into the driver seat and pulls off, not having any real regard for how he’s going over the speed bumps.  Latrice is trying to keep from getting nauseous and mumbles, “Would you take it slow?”

Rick says nothing but he keeps on driving.  Ten seconds go by and he takes it easy on the speed bump right before he leaves the parking lot.  Latrice could sigh and relax.  But then the dude pulls out onto Brambleton Ave. so quick that it almost causes him to get hit from the rear.  He turns to Latrice and says, “What in the world were you doing there?”

Latrice looks out the window and sees blurry images, “Slow down!”

“What happened?”

“I do not feel like having this conversation right now.”  And the quiet tone that she responded in lets Rick know that she is indeed suffering from the pain of her recovery.

After they stop at the pharmacy to grab her prescription, Rick gets back in the car and he wants to say something.  But how in the world do you argue with someone who is in pain?

They get back to their home and Rick makes sure that his wife gets inside of the house.  Latrice tries to make it up stairs but she stops on the first landing and comes back downstairs.

She gets on the sofa and closes her eyes for a second.  That second turns into four hours.  When she opens her eyes, there’s Rick sitting right there in front of her in the single chair, waiting.

“Hey, we need to talk.”

Latrice mumbles, “Tomorrow.”

“I thought that we discussed and agreed to you not undergoing any surgical procedures.”

Latrice finds it easy to say nothing in response.


“Rick, you act like you know everything.”

“Stop.  Just stop this is not about me being right.”

Latrice struggles to sit up and she forces herself to sit and stare Rick in his eyes.  “What?  What! What Rick.  What?”

“You made a promise.”

“I had to make a choice.”


Such a dreadful night to have to face.  Anything else that they’ve built together to this point has just disintegrated all together.

Rick leans up against the long floor to ceiling window, gazing out onto the headlights in their neighborhood.  His breathing pattern and the moisture that’s putting onto the glass is indicative of how unclear and misunderstood Latrice is making him feel.  And since Latrice doesn’t take his silence as a cue to try to go upstairs, Rick manages to say, “You just had to have your own way didn’t you?  It’s incredible that… you just had to go on without me.”

He’s trying so hard to remain sensitive to Latrice’s current state and she responds, “Rick, you didn’t want to hear a damn thing she had to say.”

“No I did not.  We said that we were going to wait before we went ahead.  Remember?”

Latrice tries to remember, but it’s just no use.

What neither Rick nor Latrice was privy to was what went on during those six hours of Latrice being under.  There were no doctors and no staff that performed any medical procedures on her.

After the anesthesiologist put Latrice under, the operating room and the team were completely prepared for the surgery.  To Latrice’s knowledge, it was going to be the removal of troublesome fibroids.  But for whatever reason, Dr. Vincent was yet to arrive.

Then the unexpected echo of high heels increased as someone was advancing towards the operating room.  The lights by which to operate began to dim.  The peculiar look of uncertainty on the uncovered parts of the staff’s faces broke the protocol in monitoring Latrice as well as the instruments that were connected to her.

Dr. Vincent comes through the double doors and holds them open as she stands.  Refusing to come any further, her eyes begin to sparkle behind her designer frames, lightening to a hue of pulsating neon blue.  Dr. Vincent then sends a pulse of high intense heat from her eyes throughout the room, targeting each one of the seven staff members, causing each one of their bodies to disappear, leaving a semi-circle of separate piles of blue scrubs and shoes.  Dr. Vincent would never even enter the operating room all the way.  She whips around in her white coat and leaves.

Dr. Vincent was the prey of a being from another time and space that was currently occupying her, and using her as a host.  And that being’s name was simply referred to as Five.

And he says to another being who actually taught him in his ways, “Rhaija, are you and your witchly cohorts ready to perform your ritual?”

“Well it’s about time.  I’ve been standing by forever.”

“You are wasting time.”

And in that instant, the operating room is filled with a sinister evil, one that has not been to earth since the fertile planet’s inception.  The seven seemingly beautiful witches that fall under the Spirit Rhaija’s command all materialize inside the room, and they begin to immediately advance towards the helpless Latrice.

Hours after she’s been revived and is back now at home, Latrice begins to feel nauseous.  Her eyes begin to flutter rapidly, and she is hit with a sharp pain within the abdomen.  And it takes every ounce of breath out of her body.

Rick slowly moves towards her.  “What’s wrong?”

Latrice rocks back and forth in Indian style, mashing in on her stomach.

Rick kneels down and says, “Try not doing that.  If you press in too hard, it might rupture where they did the incision.”

And then Rick lifts her favorite red cotton long sleeve shirt.  To both their surprise, there’s no scar.

Rick looks at Latrice.  “What’s going on?”

Rick is annoyed but he knows she’s in pain.  And as it builds rapidly, a tear comes forth from her watery eyes.  And she falls over to the side.

And in that instant, Latrice’s actual spirit is ripped away from her body, leaving the physical body limp, and Rick goes into a panic.  “Latrice!  Hey!”

But in the midst of that panic, Latrice’s spirit is pulled helplessly from the house, into the air, and is requested far away from the earth’s atmosphere.  The innocence of her spirit was never meant or designed to travel across the vastness of the galaxy in this manner.  That which mattered most to Latrice was Rick.  And that which mattered most to Rick was caught somewhere beyond the Crab Nebula.  Not even Rick in all of his knowledge on astrophysics has ever considered this as a possibility.  He was on their sofa and she, at least the part that really mattered, was somewhere else, far away.  Rick was feeling just as helpless while standing at the window, breathing out the warmth and moisture of his pain out on the window.

Meanwhile, Latrice’s spiritual body was moving ever so quickly along a path that an earth being would liken to the DNA of the universe, or the Reesa.  In a foreign measure of time, Latrice arrived at what her mind would consider to be a boundary of her home universe.  The seven witches had performed a perfect spiritual anesthetic.  But in this state of spiritual unconsciousness, she was permitted to be aware of what was happening.  Her new eyes in which she now possessed sees a strange border, draped in a tall white curtain that extended itself as far to the right as it did to the left.  She was amazed even more as to how far up it went.  This border of the universe has so much puzzling simplicity, yet Latrice’s mind was not able to grasp what it truly was.  So much so, that Latrice could not even recognize the soft caressing hand of terror which was now extracting the very fetus that has been struggling to survive within her womb for five months.

Latrice did not move, for this calculated touch was a cross between Rick’s tender embrace and the comforting way in which Dr. Vincent examined Latrice during those three visits.  It felt so familiar that Latrice thought it was indeed just another medical office visit, the best of all visits, better than any prescriptive drug, and better than the deliberate touch of the tip of Rick’s soft and strong middle finger.  And all of that allowed Latrice’s guard to come down and to surrender.

And now that she is near the Perimeter, the Spirit Rhaija has much more control.  Her voice says to Latrice, “It’s what you’ve wanted all along.”

But none of these intergalactic mysterious beings had foreseen nor calculated the special bond that is shared between Latrice and her husband Rickland Foster.

Latrice opens her eyes to the harsh reverb of Rick’s voice, “Latrice!  Latrice!  Stay with me.”

In the next few minutes, her body is in the passenger seat of Rick’s vintage sports car that has a few modern customized features.    The clock on the dash reads 9:49:40pm.    But those baby blue numbers blur in and out as a limp Latrice continues to remain loyal to this feeling of absolute submission.

Earlier that afternoon, an all-powerful, seemingly all-knowing spiritual witch had actually taken on the form the real Dr. Vincent.  The effects of her dark sinister magic were now manifesting itself in real time as Rick sped Latrice to the emergency room at Sentara Hospital.

Rick was enduring and trying to manage his own trying moment, but he only had two hands.  He had to drive down a busy I-64, try to get this Dr. Vincent on the phone, snap his fingers in Latrice’s face to keep her awake, switch lanes around annoying drivers in the rain, cut his windshield wipers on, put the now ringing cell phone on his shoulder, and grab Latrice’s weak hand.  He was just as helpless as Latrice.


He ends the call, and because he’s not paying attention to the road he slams on the brakes to keep from hitting the back of the car that apparently ran out of gas or something.

Meanwhile, in this part of unimaginable space, this strange powerful sorceress, Rhaija, is having her way with the essence of Latrice.  It is only here that Rhaija is able to unleash her true evil power, according to her master.  But there is another power who must weigh in on this matter.

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Looking forward to what may come...!

Looking forward to what may come...!

Shoggie1 -- The book starts out setting the scene in the present day. As the book goes on, you flick back and forth between past and present, which can be hard to keep up with at times, but I love a story like that, it keeps me wondering where author will take you. The main character, Latrice, starts off as headstrong and emotionally immature. Through the teachings of a wise guide, Kaylandria will steer Latrice through her own emotions and the beginnings of understanding her place in an unknown world where the forces of good and evil are at play. I feel like this only touches the surface of what may come. I'm looking forward to finding out how all these intertwined stories play out in the second book!

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What is the House of Erydia?

Kaylandria’s Invitation

When Latrice Foster somehow loses her well paying job and her well thought out nuptials are cast aside, she meets Kaylandria, a strange mystical woman claiming to be the Guardian of the Earth.  Pushed into a set of circumstances by the forces of good and evil, Latrice is then enticed by Kaylandria’s rare offer to escape into her home and hopefully shield Latrice temporarily from life’s turmoil.  When Latrice comes into this strange House of Erydia, she is exposed to more than she was ever ready to handle.  If she plays by the rules of this house, she may indeed earn the right to win her life back.


About the author



A native of Portsmouth, Virginia, DeForest Mapp grew up learning how to crab with his educator father and brothers off the calm waters of the James River, just inside the Chesapeake Bay.  It was through his parents’ teachings that DeForest gained a healthy respect for the concerns of others, education, hard work, and pursuing one’s dreams.  His father, also a trombone player, put the trumpet in DeForest’s hands at the age of 11.  DeForest, the oldest of five children, would spend hours upon hours lost in the acoustics of the “blue” bathroom in his parents’ home.

But as he grew in teenage years, DeForest noticed the troubling effects that poverty, a lack of education, and sometimes one parent raising a family had in a naval shipyard community.  This would birth a desire in Mapp to show the beauty of the African American community through film, television, and music.

After receiving a MBA from Tennessee State University, DeForest Kenneth Mapp began pursuing a career in film by joining the Production team at Warner Bros. Studios in 2003.  Here, he worked on the following feature films:  The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Superman, Catwoman, Scooby Doo, Lucky You, The Last Samurai, and Constantine.


Private Life

DeForest enjoys traveling, especially back to Virginia where he enjoys immersing himself in the unique culture of his southern east coast roots.  Every trip home not only reminds him of who he is, but also adds insight as to who he is and why he has chosen this journey of artistry.


DeForest is motivated by purpose, those who are oppressed, those who abuse the privilege of power, the beauty of the earth, random acts of kindness, the fear of failure, the right to hope and dream, the will to understand the motivations of others, the audacity to push forward in spite of ridicule, the limits on the thinking of others, the willingness to forgive, the will of the homeless to push forward, and love.

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